If you only knew what you already know…


We have moved to http://www.getklever.com

\’kle-ver\ A knowledge lever that empowers, enables, grows exponentially in value

Nine out of ten people report that they don’t have access to lessons already learned by others in the same organization. What a colossal waste of time and talent.

The non-profit Consortium for Service Innovation developed and refined the de facto standard for knowledge sharing for tech support companies over 20 years, called Knowledge Centered SupportSM. It has proven, dramatic improvements – e.g., Deutsche Bank saw a 40% increase in productivity for its IT Service Desk team in 3 months. However, implementation is complex and often needs consultants in order to get started, and to sustain the change to a knowledge sharing culture.

As a result, most current users are large corporations. The Klever (Knowledge Lever) platform, powered by DancingE, provides a SaaS model that is easy to implement in any company.

It starts with an easy online self-assessment to get to know where you are in your knowledge sharing readiness. Then, based on what you tell us, we will give you a customized, step-by-step guide on precisely what to do next. Need even more help? Connect with one or more of the distinguished Named Advisors.

Think of what TurboTax did for taxes, when the alternative was information from the IRS or expensive tax preparers. We want the Klever platform to do the same for knowledge sharing.

We have been working over the last year to get an impressive list of people who are committed to our vision of creating a customer-friendly way to enable Knowledge. Sharing. For All.

Schedule a 15 minute call (http://bit.ly/meetphil) if you’d like to be considered to join this very interesting journey.

Sign up for if you want more information and want to be on our open beta. Our ‘by-invitation-only’ Private Beta started on February 15, 2013 – a full 45 days ahead of schedule. We are oversubscribed at the moment, and are delighted at how many of you are interested. Please sign up to be the first informed when the Beta opens up.

P.S. We hate spam too.

2 Responses to If you only knew what you already know…

  1. Tiffany Flibbert says:

    Hello! I’m interested in the pilot. I can’t necessarily commit for the long term, but would be interested in seeing what it has to offer, and if it can help us as we push forward with our KCS project. We are just getting started and understand from Adam Krob that we ‘fit the mold’ nicely for your beta. Please let me know if we can participate.

    • Phil says:


      Congratulations on your KCS project – what an exciting time!

      I see that you signed up for our mailing list. That is the best way ensure that you get updated in real time as we share details on the pilot project.

      Welcome aboard! We look forward to your joining the passionate community that is enabling Knowledge. Sharing. For All.


      Phil Verghis (on behalf of the Dancing E(lephant) team.

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